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There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 

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Stumbling Blocks
        and Stepping-Stones:
Including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex children of God in the LDS plan of Salvation [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]
                                                                               By Duane E. Jennings

      Stumbling Blocks and Stepping-Stones is about the long overdue need for an honest dialogue, one that must be allowed, encouraged, and fostered.  This book serves as a great resource for studying the complex issues and provides ideas and possibilities theologically and socially.

        This two-volume publication vigorously examines Mormonism’s long struggle with those it has traditionally deemed as sexually and gender transgressive — its LGBTI members. It emboldens Latter-day Saints and fellow LGBTIs, believing or disaffected, to dialogue with one another and consider the very real possibility of their full acceptance within the beloved faith community.  

        Mormon Alliance founding member and the book's editor, Lavina Fielding Anderson says:

I think Stumbling Blocks and Stepping-Stones is a major step forward in the dialogue that we've hoped (against pretty daunting odds) can happen between the church and the lgbti community.

I think it makes five enormous contributions:

(1) it analyzes the "clobber scriptures" -- those most frequently used to end conversations on the topic -- drawing on a broad spectrum of Jewish, Christian, and academic scholars. Duane provides connatural context and reasonable interpretations that broaden the discussion beyond "because God said so."


(2) It provides a stimulating overview of scientific research on homosexuality in nature (severely undercutting the "homosexuality isn't natural" argument), what's currently known about the causes/influence on homosexuality, and the history of homophobia that has brought us to our current position.

(3) It argues, persuasively, in my opinion, for ways in which the gospel can and does (and the church could and should) include lgbti members in full fellowship.


(4) The longest section--part 4--provides a history of interactions between the church and its lgbti members. Because of my love for history, this is my favorite section, even though a lot of it seems like "baby step forward, giant step backwards," especially now.

(5) Duane's tone models a combination of compassion, serious scholarship, and firmly founded discipleship that should be elements that govern how the dialogue can and should be conducted.

        Checkout the “About,” "Book Excerpt," "Reviews" tabs for more information, and the “Bio” tab for information about the author.  


Interviews on-line

January 27, 2022 - New podcasts posted on Latter-Gay Stories.  Here's the YouTube link.



Aunty Vesna, host of Sydney, Australia, live music platform (2020). This week it was an honor and a privilege to sit down with a beautiful expression of Universal consciousness, Duane Jennings. Duane has channeled an amazing and progressive insight into queer identity through the lens of the Mormon faith in his book Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones.It was an honor to sit down with Duane to talk about his creative process and what it means for him to stand at the intersection of his queer identity and spirituality. It’s clear from the very first moment of meeting Duane that he is a queer soul of integrity and nobility.

Human Stories with host Jill Hazard Rowe (2020). You won't want to miss Jill's conversation with Duane Jennings! This is an insightful and beautiful expression of a life of research and searching for authenticity.


Rowdy Parrot - 2019 Podcast interview by Peter van der Walt.  Peter describes “Stumbling Blocks and Stepping-Stones,” as "two volumes of comprehensive, powerful and solid information for those navigating living an authentic faith."

A Thoughtful Faith, interviewed by Gina Colvin (Posted in August 2018).  

In this conversation, we consider (notwithstanding current LDS policy) an LDS queer theology through scripture, reason, tradition, and experience.


Mormon Mental Health posted a podcast  interview with Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT.  (Posted in summer 2017).

Sunstone Presentation in 2016 -  "Stumbling Blocks And Stepping Stones Including Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender And Intersex Children Of God In The Lds Plan Of Salvation."

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From an early age, Duane Jennings felt drawn to better understanding life from two perspectives: science and spirituality. His desire for knowledge and the human understanding led him to better understand empathy and opportunity.

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